High End items for your Yootheme

Made according to all the rules of Yootheme
v. 1.0.2

Amaze UI Elements

Amaze is seven original UI elements for attracting attention, explaining and selling. Our elements help web developers, designers and entrepreneurs create new ways of presenting content and user interaction with the website.
v. 1.0

Konstructor Icons

A growing collection of minimalist icons for websites and image design. Each icon has three variations: standard, stretched in width and stretched in height. This is a key feature of the Konstructor, which gives it charm.

Made according to all the rules of Yootheme
Coming soon

UIK Design system

UIK is a Design system for designers and developers who work with the UIkit front-end framework and Yootheme. The System helps to make prototypes, experiment and test the design of an idea without the stage of writing code.

Recent updates

  • Amaze 1.0.3 19.10.2021
    • Add HDI XSmall Margin CSS class.
    • Fix Panel element button, margins, label and title.
  • Amaze 1.0.2 17.10.2021
    • Fixed an error in selecting the button style in the Bold element.
  • Amaze 1.0.1 13.10.2021
    • Add an experimental image size to the settings of the Look, Panel and Kicker elements.

Boring stuff

Halcyon digital items

Halcyon digital items