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UIK Design system

UIK is a Design system for designers and developers who work with the UIkit front-end framework and YOOtheme. The System helps to make prototypes, experiment and test the design of an idea without the stage of writing code.

Recent updates

Amaze UI 1.3.2 18.11.2022
  • Add a setting for selecting the vertical position of the title relative to the content in the Panel element.
  • Remove adding extra space without an image or video in the Panel element.

Amaze UI 1.3.1 29.08.2022
  • Add a border setting to the Look element.
  • Add opening links in a modular window to the Look, Panel and Kicker elements.
  • Move the link type selection from the Content to the Settings tab in the Kicker and Panel elements.

Amaze UI 1.3.0 20.06.2022
  • Add a video playback setting on hover.
  • Add video support to the Panel element.
  • Add a picture selection as a poster for a video played on hover.
  • Fix the display of the border color setting field in the Bolt, Kicker, Panel and Testimonial elements.
  • Fix placeholder display for Kicker and Bold elements.

Konstructor 1.9 17.03.2022
  • New icons: Chat and Speech Bubble.
  • Created Figma Components from icons.
  • Improve Flicker icon.

Boring stuff

Halcyon digital items

Halcyon digital items