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v. 1.4

Konstructor icons

A growing collection of icons for websites and images. Bold design solutions give the collection a special character. From icons, as from the elements of the constructor, you can build compositions and convey ideas in an original way.

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UIK Design system

UIK is a Design system for designers and developers who work with the UIkit front-end framework and YOOtheme. The System helps to make prototypes, experiment and test the design of an idea without the stage of writing code.

Recent updates

Amaze UI 1.1.7 21.01.2022
  • Add General YOOtheme settings to all elements.
  • Add caching, sizing and positioning of the Sticker.
  • Improve the icons of the Panel and Showcase elements.

Amaze UI 1.1.6 16.01.2022
  • Add avatar image caching in the Showcase element.
  • Improve adding and rendering images to the Showcase element.
  • Fix the title and the rounding of the corners of the image in the Panel element.
  • Fix author text size option in the Testimonial element.
  • Add placeholders to all elements.

Amaze UI 1.1.5 14.01.2022
  • Fix image caching in the Kicker element.
  • Optimize the code in the Kicker element.
  • Improve the name of fields and variables in the Kicker and Bold elements.
  • Improve the description of fields and settings in the Panel element.
  • Fix image caching in the Panel element.
  • Add CSS classes to separately adjust the rounding of the upper and lower corners.

Konstructor 1.4 11.01.2022
  • New icons: Facebook, Cup.
  • Improve Instagram and Youtube icons.

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Halcyon digital items

Halcyon digital items