Konstructor icons

Konstructor is a growing collection of original icons for website design and pictures for posts. Bold design decisions give the icons character. Projects with our icons look stylish and attract more audience attention.
We do not care about icons beauty, we care about emotional impact on the viewer and functionality.
— Sasha Kuzovlev, designer
We make icons to engage the audience. A special look and a combination of design principles helped us to find an original style. We strive to convey this style in every icon, constantly looking for ways to improve the collection and expand its capabilities.
Thanks to the uniform style, the icons perfectly match each other. This allows you to create an infinite number of collages for the design of content. Updates preserve the spirit of the collection, so over time there will be no visual differences in design.
Each element of the collection is a simple and strong image in which there is nothing superfluous. We adhere to a minimalistic approach and try to have enough air in the icons, so they don’t look heavy and are easier to perceive. Icons are drawn in the line style. All Pixel perfect.
Business license
For commercial projects which involve custom work for a client, internal purposes of the company, physical and digital advertisements with unlimited impressions. This type of license allows using products in business social media account owned and managed by the customer of license.
$19.99 / year
Personal license
For non-commercial, personal projects, personal social media accounts with non-commercial activities, and personal physical items not for sale. You can use assets in presentations and materials for personal use or in creating end products, not for sale or distribution.
$9.99 / year

Recent updates

  • Konstructor 1.3 20.12.2021
    • New icons: Brain, Abstract1.
    • Improve Lightning icon.
  • Konstructor 1.2 23.11.2021
    • New icons: Bulb, Cursor.
    • Improve Sphere icon.
  • Konstructor 1.1 19.11.2021
    • New icons: Youtube, Flicker, Spark.
    • Improve Plus icon.
  • Konstructor 1.0 26.10.2021
    • Initial release.

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