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Amaze is seven original UI elements for attracting attention, explaining and selling. Our elements help web developers, designers and entrepreneurs create new ways of presenting content and user interaction with the website.



An element with an Image, Label, Title, Button and Sticker. In the settings, the style, the position of the Title with the Label and the Button are selected. There are settings for the design of the Image, as well as the design and animation of the Sticker. The Kicker focuses attention and calls for action. It is great for showing the current and most important: a post, a product, an update, a commercial offer.


An element with a Label, Title, Text, Sticker and Button. The settings set the background color, border color and thickness, content width and position, internal margins, button size and position, text styles, Sticker design. Bold is great for designing announcements, post titles, ad blocks and text inserts into content.

Bold element in action

Made according to the best practices of YOOtheme

Dynamic content
We have added the ability to connect dynamic content to all elements. This greatly simplifies the development and maintenance of the site.
Style Customizer
No need to change the code and CSS styles. All element settings are available in the familiar Styles section in the Customizer.
Image caching
All images in the elements adapt to different screen sizes and are cached by YOOtheme, which is important for SEO and search engines.


A simple element with an Image, a Link and a Sticker. Unlike other elements, the Sticker has two additional positions at the bottom. In the settings, you can select the image mode, set the height of the block and adjust the animation. Look is good to use for large banners, posters and visual announcements.


An element with an Image, a Quote text, an Author with an Avatar and Links to related materials. You can choose one of two design options and customize the style for each option. For example, you can set margins, text size, background border, image animation, or the order of text elements. Testimonial helps to show people’s opinions about your content and business.


An element with a Gallery, a Quote and a Signature with an Avatar. When you click on the images, a Lightbox opens. In the settings, you can choose one of three grid options, turn on the cover mode, set internal margins, and change the position of the signature. With the help of the Showcase element, it is easy to show products from different sides, create a series of related photos or make bright, engaging collages.

Examples of the Showcase element


A unique outеr element with a Picture, Link and Text. Aligns to the left or right relative to the parent element. It is shown only on Desktops and Tablets with high screen resolution in a horizontal position, so we recommend using it only for non-essential information. In the settings, you can set the width, indentation, text style and customize the animation. Factoid is great for footnotes and facts.

Business licence
For commercial projects which involve custom work for a client, internal purposes of the company, physical and digital advertisements with unlimited impressions. This type of license allows using products in business social media account owned and managed by the customer of license.
$49.99 / year
Personal licence
For non-commercial, personal projects, personal social media accounts with non-commercial activities, and personal physical items not for sale. You can use assets in presentations and materials for personal use or in creating end products, not for sale or distribution.
$29.99 / year

Recent updates

Amaze UI 1.1.7 21.01.2022
  • Add General YOOtheme settings to all elements.
  • Add caching, sizing and positioning of the Sticker.
  • Improve the icons of the Panel and Showcase elements.

Amaze UI 1.1.6 16.01.2022
  • Add avatar image caching in the Showcase element.
  • Improve adding and rendering images to the Showcase element.
  • Fix the title and the rounding of the corners of the image in the Panel element.
  • Fix author text size option in the Testimonial element.
  • Add placeholders to all elements.

Amaze UI 1.1.5 14.01.2022
  • Fix image caching in the Kicker element.
  • Optimize the code in the Kicker element.
  • Improve the name of fields and variables in the Kicker and Bold elements.
  • Improve the description of fields and settings in the Panel element.
  • Fix image caching in the Panel element.
  • Add CSS classes to separately adjust the rounding of the upper and lower corners.

Amaze UI 1.1.4 11.01.2022
  • New card designs in the Testimonial element.
  • Add caching of images in the Look and Showcase elements.
  • Replace the icon of the Showcase element.
  • Add avatar size setting in the Testimonial element.
  • Fix the design of the author’s name link in the Testimonial element.

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